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Riah Mehdi

Mehdi Riah is an award-winning Creative Director at VirtualBox and Medmap, based in Casablanca. He is one of the most well-regarded names in Virtual Reality & Mapping Vido driving the medium forward with his fearless creativity and innovative approach. His diverse portfolio ranges from mixed reality, digital experiences, global marketing campaigns and product development where he uses unfamiliar mediums to drive forward digital transformation. As Creative Director at VirtualBox, Mehdi leads a multi-disciplinary team across a wide client base. Mehdi has a diverse skill set with specialities in creative direction, conceptual thinking, innovative ideas, interaction design, strategy and team leadership. He brings a fresh, minimal & authentic approach to the workplace with his endless energy and enthusiasm. He is a motivational speaker and leader, drawing from his years of experience in digital design and new technology.

Workshop dedicated to creators in virtual reality project development To design and develop stories for virtual reality headsets, knowledge of the technical constraints of filming is essential. Discover a VR film set, experience the unique image device of the realization for a spectator immersed in 360 . Understand through practice the mysteries of staging through the accompaniment of an experienced producer-director and VR video engineer. These are some of the tracks that this workshop proposes to explore. Workshop given in French by Mehdi Riah (Creative Director and Founder of Virtual Box), Mohamed Hamama (VR Video Engineer)
VR / Virtual Reality Film set
15 Dec 2018
Institue Franais // Marrakech
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