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Benfaidoul Abdellatif // Morocco

Videomaker since 1996. Leaurate of Unesco Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Prize. He completed a Master in Fine Arts in Film and Video Studies at the Rijksakamie Van Beeldende Kunsten, in Amsterdam, where he made several experimental films, including 2001's Juxtaposition, which was nominated for the International Media Prize ZKM in 2002. He has a Master on 3D modeling and animation studies at SAE College. His video installations works has been shown and commissioned in many International Media Art galleries and Museums worldwide. He is Artistic director at iSouraLab Amsterdam. He is also a production Manager and co-Director at Arab Media lab project and Digital Marrakech Festival.

In the Creative editing techniques workshop, students will learn the major editing techniques that are used in the film industry, from the quick transitions to hard cuts and freeze frame methods...etc
Creative Editing techniques
28-04-2019 // starting 15h00
Speaking Centre de formation // N.15 Nouvelle Bensergao // AGADIR
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