Ali Essafi // Morocco

studied Psychology in France. His directorial debut titled General, Here We Come!(Général, nous voilà!, 1997), a documentary about Moroccan veterans in the French army, was awarded the Special Jury Award at the Namur Film Festival. Essafi is one of Morocco’s most prolific and awarded documentary filmmakers

Whenever I reflected, as a filmmaker, about memory and archives, I secretly wondered if it is pure coincidence that the language of Molière is incorporated in these two words the term 'Art "; as "Art-archives" or memoi-Art "? But never knowing what says the etymology of "Littré" . I have long been convinced of the fluid dynamic that is happening between art and memory, between creation and Archives! As well as I am also convinced of the vital need for this dynamic structural balance in a Nation. The term "archives" designates all traces left by man, whether audio, written, painted, drawn, etched, carved, danced or sung ... These fragile materials are "the eyes of the memory" whose feeds Art to save from oblivion, in turn, a plot of memory. This belies belief widespread, including in some of our artists, who believe that creation and thus the imagination, is an innate gift! But the word "Imagine" in French as in most of the languages that I know, originates from the word "picture"! This means that we imagine that from the image memories that settle in our memory, each according to its origins and life course. The workshop and Master class will emphasis on many points such as: The Art and Archive, Reproduction and creation with Archives, The role of Archive in Art, Relationship between Art and Archive…
Master Class & Workshop
Is the memory soluble in Art? "Archiving memory"
28-29-30 January 2016
Connect Institute // Agadir
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