Halida Boughriet // Algeria, France

A graduate from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Exchange Program of the SVA New York in cinematography, Halida Boughriet is a French and Algerian artist. She’s used to explore a broad media range and does make performance a central issue to her artistic expression, through varied elements, references and tools. At the crossroad of aesthetic, political and social concerns, her productions strive to capture and translate tensions made obvious in human relationships and society, in some given historical and social context, including the emotions conveyed in individual and collective memory.

My multifaceted productions are marked by some violence I experienced through my personal history and I feel today through other stories. The current project that I present, a kind of territory "no place", attempts a representation of reality and its transfiguration into photographic tableaux. I discuss the ideas of the paper trail and performance in the real. It is primarily a work in progress. This is a proposal for restitution of a coherent set of work conducted for over a year. For the MAM workshop, I propose to continue this tradition that began with photographic and video series called Pandora. This series consisted of 10 pictures, which was conducted during my last workshop. The construction of spaces and decorations inspired interior scenes of Flemish painting, rooted in a Western pictorial universe, is inscribed in parallel with the integration of individuals into one. So, the children who performed for me during the photo shooting, are from the suburb of Paris, and they are obliged to be confronted with a relationship of proximity or intimacy within these artificial spaces. Indeed, violence is at work with the intention of putting these bodies of our modern times in these decors to highly historical setting. For this workshop, I count to melt into the Moroccan culture, to undertake a proper analysis of its territory, possibly by considering an anthropological approach, which would be different from my previous research. It would find some differences, compared to what I have already happened. I am committed to the idea of active viewer participation and exploration of the subjective nature of the experience. It will be important to use fictional dramas represented in photographs.
Master Class & Workshop
"Between documentary and performance traces in the real world. Meeting memories"
10-11-12 Feburary 2016
Connect Institute // Agadir
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