Nathanja Van Dijk // The Netherlands

Nathanja van Dijk (1984) is co-founder and director of A Tale of a Tub, an exhibition space with it’s home base in Rotterdam. A Tale of a Tub is committed to stimulate developments in contemporary art and explore their meaning within society. Previously Van Dijk was director of Frankendael Foundation, the 18th century manorial estate for contemporary art in Amsterdam (2012 – 2015), where she organized exhibitions and events.

Master class with Nathanja van Dijk, Curator and director of A Tale of a Tub (NL) The gates of Europe are being met by more refugees than ever. Meanwhile, the migratory question is leading to internal disunion as instability in the surrounding regions of the EU increases. The film program The Migrant (Moving) Image sheds new light on a society in which migration is a determinant factor and is inextricably linked to contemporary social, political and economic reality. Throughout three chapters - that can be read as a journey - The Migrant (Moving) Image presents an alternative image of a world in flux, beyond Fortress Europe. Master class @ Digital Marrakech 5- MAM / MEDIA ART MOROCCO During the master class with curator Nathanja van Dijk we will explore the possibility of creating an alternative image of life in exile from within the aesthetic domain. Based on a selection of films from The Migrant (Moving) Image we address questions about representation, the image-politics within the artistic real and the position of art and artists in contemporary over-mediated society. The image that is being portrait in the media of the migration crisis is creating great worries worldwide, tapping into contradictory collective emotions of pity and fair. Within a framework of visual dominance, mass media have become a powerful tool and is one of the main determinants of public opinion. Even though these images are an important component of the migration flux, they are certainly not direct representations of reality. News coverage about migrants systematically portrays the migrant as ‘the other’. Furthermore, the images that make it to our newspaper or our Facebook timeline either zoom in on the tragedies taking place at the border of Fortress Europe or underline the idea that migration forms a threat to European stability. The result is a poor representation of the main protagonist of these images, who is being reduced to either victim or criminal. The complexity and impact of migration on the lives of individuals and on society at large gets lost. Artists featured in the master class have image-based artistic practices rooted in photography, cinema, or new media formats. Often times, the work is informed by the artist’s distinct biographical experience of migration or exile. The works presented during the master class carve out space between the binary of ‘victim’ and ‘criminal’: a space where the aesthetic coincides with the political imagination. The goal is to deepen the understanding of the impact of life in exile, what it means to (be forced to) move only to find oneself stuck, to live a life between the country of origin and the land of your dreams. The Migrant (Moving) Image is a project by A Tale of a Tub (NL) and is initiated and curated by Nathanja van Dijk.
Master Class
12 March 2016 // 18h00
Café Littéraire Karma, Marrakech //
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