Mehdi Riah // Morocco

Mehdi is a creative Director and Global designer. He created Metistudio, a Design agency he is also the founder of Medmap a multimedia Label centered on video mapping & augmented reality

The Mapping 3D and Vj workshop is intended to introduce the participants to the use of a tool able to manage the content of audio visual performances. Starting from the interface explanation, you will progressively learn all the features of this software, and you will get a series of suggestions to use this product at its best. During the whole workshop you will be asked to practice and try what you are learning. The following step of the class will be the presentation of the video mapping techniques using Resolume Arena. At the end of the workshop the attendees will be encouraged to figure out their own “object” to video map and present it during the MAM event. Attendees will be required to bring: their own projector (if they have one) & laptop, computer cables for connecting the projector and pc/laptop, they can also bring any hardware controller and their own video footage for projection is not required but welcome.
Master class & Workshop
The Mapping 3D and Vj
18-19 & 22-23 March 2016
18-19 March, Connect Institute, Agadir // 22-23 March, Centre Culturel Atlas Golf // Marrakech
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