Maha Maamoun // Egypt

Her videos and photographs address the form and function of images that are found in mainstream culture. Her work acts as a lens through which we see familiar images in novel and insightful ways. She does that by making subtle interventions in photographic material that she captures on camera or borrows from various sources. Maha´s work is shown world wide. Lives between Egypt and The US

In this workshop, Maamoun will will share with the participants a selection of her work and the thought process and research behind it. She will discuss the development of the works from the initial idea, the material used, be it found-footage from cinema, youtube or literature, to the final work. Participants are encouraged to bring to the workshop ideas and works that they are currently developing, and be prepared to discuss them with the group.
Master Class & Workshop
Constructing stories from found footage and contemporary moving images archives
24-26 March 2016
Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines IBN ZOHR // Agadir
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