Abdelaziz Taleb // Morocco, Germany

Filmmaker, Producer and Curator. Founder of the Arab media lab project and Digital Marrakech festival. In 2003 World Wide Video festival has described him as one of the upcoming talents who will influence video and Media art happenings world wide. His films and videos are seen as an extension of Taleb´s body, which explore different visions around poetry, inner identity, the purification of the soul and deep social realities. A number of which had been selected to Academy-certified film and video festivals such as ( Berlinale, La mostra de Venice, Rotterdam film festival, festival international du Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier, freewaves los angeles, clermand ferrand, Berlinale, Dubai Film Festival..ect ). Lives between Morocco and Germany

The participants will learn how to shoot highly stylistic footage for an already published song ( Lost by Hoba hob a spirit ). Essential elements of what goes into making a music video, including: creating the look of the video and its overall aesthetic style, planning the music video in storyboards, learning how to shoot and keep the film in sync with the lyrics and editing, and adding visual special effects.
Making a creative music video, with Abdelaziz Taleb.
10-12 April 2016
Chambre de Commerce - Agadir
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